Oh my goodness it has been so long. How did that happen? Well, sometimes things just get hectic I guess. And for a little while there I was in the middle of moving and it was my birthday, and so I certainly was in no position to be blogging about healthy living. I may or may not have eaten at least part of a cupcake 5 times in a week…oops! But damn are they delicious. In my defense a couple of the cupcakes I ate were made with Sprite Zero instead of egg and oil, a trick I whole-heartedly recommend. They were outstanding.

So now I’m back. I’m older, I’m living in a house with a nicer kitchen, and I actually have missed paying better attention to my health and in particular, my eating habits. Aside from birthday/moving week (ok maybe that was two weeks) I really haven’t been doing that badly but I was not doing nearly as well as I was when this blog was a regular thing. Over the summer I was still mostly eating produce, but there was a lot more dairy in there, including a brief but intense addiction to frozen yogurt. It seems like there’s a frozen yogurt place in every square mile around here and it was just so nice on a hot day. Possibly the only thing I will like about the weather getting colder is the lessened interest in frozen sugar snacks. 

So now, like I said, I’m ready to get back into it. And like I said, I don’t need to make changes as drastic as I needed when I was first starting out and eating pizza multiple times a week (although I do still miss that!). Weight-wise I’ve been maintaining fairly well. I still don’t know my starting weight but I estimate that I’ve been fluctuating between thirty-five and forty pounds off since the Olympics. (I’m still mad at myself for not making an Olympics post to talk about how it prompted a huge increase in my own physical activity. Maybe it will still happen in the future.)

Thirty-five pounds is great but it is not close to enough. And I’ve decided since it is often hard to get back into things, I’m going to get into it the same way I did last time, with a cleanse. This one is a little different, and a little shorter. It starts out with three days of “pre-detox” where I eat, essentially, exactly how I should be eating all the time. Lean protein and produce and not much else. Maybe some nuts and seeds. I’m on day three of that and I start the actual detox in the morning. To be honest I am a little bit worried because cutting off sugar and gluten is already giving me a headache and the actual detox hasn’t even begun. On the other hand, the new detox plan (it’s from Whole Living just like the last one) has a lot of great new recipes I am excited to try. Tomorrow I’ll be making pineapple-avocado gazpacho. Sounds amazing.

So that’s it, that’s the whole post. I just wanted to re-break the ice and get to talking about these things again. Ideally I want to start posting much more often, this is my first step!

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