9 ‘Healthy’ Alternatives that are Just as Bad as the Originals via HuffPo

9 ‘Healthy’ Alternatives that are Just as Bad as the Originals via HuffPo

Oh wow, I am so sorry I am the worst blogger ever! It’s inexcusable but here’s some excuses anyway: I sprained my knee, badly enough that I was totally incapacitated for a bit, then I went on vacation, then I started a new job, then I went on another vacation and then I got the flu. There you have it, my entire summer in one run-on sentence. 

I’m happy to report I didn’t gain any weight while recovering from my knee sprain, which is unusual, usually people gain anywhere from 5-20 pounds, but I was trying hard to keep myself in line even if I wasn’t spending an hour on the elliptical or doing 100 squats. (Sadly I still can’t do either of those things…yet!) But with the new job, I’ve had less time to devote to the healthy living process. I worry about getting sucked into easy routines that aren’t as clean or healthy as I’d prefer, so I’m trying to stay aware of what I’m doing to and with my body via food and exercise. It is hard though, and I promise to write more about it later. 

In the meantime, I thought this article was pretty interesting. I didn’t really know that about skim milk. Interesting. While rehabbing my knee I’ve been ingesting more conventional (re: animal) forms of protein, so this is definitely something important for me to think about. I had a bag of microwave popcorn a couple weeks ago and it genuinely tasted like chemicals. The idea that we are ingesting the GLUE and INK from the bag is really horrifying.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and post this list. And to say hello. Hello! I will be back soon. 

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